AI-powered deal sourcing

Deal sourcing is being disrupted. The days of manually screening long-lists of companies put together by outdated industry codes are finally gone. All thanks to new groundbreaking AI technology.


We used to be investors and advisors ourselves, spending too much time scouting deals. So we launched Grasp – an intelligent deal sourcing tool that supercharges the most repetitive yet crucial part of your work.

About Us

We're a team of industry professionals that have spent many hours screening companies at McKinsey, bulge-bracket investment banks and leading private equity firms. As soon as we realized that the latest AI and NLP advances could be leveraged to make this way more precise and efficient, we decided to act.

We're based in Stockholm and backed by investors that have direct experience from launching and building several leading company intelligence providers.

Bright Gradient

Our solution

Our deal sourcing tool automatically compiles global target lists based on your needs and criteria. 


Share your industry and geography of interest, and we'll let our proprietary algorithms scan millions of websites, social media accounts, news and press releases to find targets anywhere in the world. Our team of ex-McKinsey consultants quality check output to ensure perfect delivery.


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